The Bubbleguts Bros. re-emerge from the vinyl vaults to rock Jay Dee Day at the Pour House in Charleston, SC.

DJ BirdFlu + Jectwon combine as one of the illest DJ crews on the planet. Dillamental is proud to welcome these guys out as very special guest artists on Thursday, February 6th.

Scour the internet with all your might, and you won’t find much on these guys.

When asked about a bio for the website, Jectwon replied, “I don’t really have a bio. I’ve been DJing/scratching for about 12 years. I concentrate on hip-hop, funk, and soul. Blending, cutting and beat juggling are the areas that I enjoy the most regarding DJing and I also make beats when I can.”

DJ BirdFlu is a self-proclaimed “record collector and all vinyl DJ based in Charleston, SC. Past/current affiliations include Bubbleguts Bros., Sugar Water Purple, Mystical Half Dozen, and CPO Gents.”

Bubbleguts Bros. will open Jay Dee Day and perform at various points throughout the night. Expect their sets to be way out, Dilla-inspired, and most of all… fun.

Doors open at 9pm and Bubbleguts Bros. will commence with rocking shortly thereafter.

Dig this mixtape by Jectwon featuring “Stakes Is High” vocals over top a few Dilla beats at around 8:21:

Jectwon | SoundCloud

Vinyl, Cuts, Blends | Charlie Magazine

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